Seán Mac Mathúna


A classic collection of short stories from a modern master.


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Gradam Uí Shúilleabháin, Irish Language Book of the Year 1999

From the acclaimed author of Ding (1982) and The Atheist. A miscellany of quirky mystery without a trace of logic. There is no joy in logic according to Mac Mathúna, instead we have art at the opposite end of the spectrum, which more often than not is closer to the madness of life than anything else.

The characters in this collection include unchristian Honda Civic driving priests, members of absurdist Gaelic societies, a possessed horse, and a believer in bloodless revolution led by the Hungarian Rubic, inventor of the eponymous cube.

If they whet your appetite, take a bite out of Banana

If any writer can combine the graphic quality and emotional analysis of traditional realism with the zaniness of actual reality then it is Seán Mac Mathúna. His new collection of short stories, Banana…with its luscious picture of a green apple on a tempting yellow cover has just won this year's Gradam Uí Shúilleabháin for publishers Cois Life.
Liam Mac Cóil, Irish Times - 4/12/1999

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