Anna Heussaff

Bás tobann

A bestselling novel which reels the reader in with a mystery…


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A Dublin family relocates to a house on the south west coast, in search of a new beginning, and to set up a new travel business in Bearra. Aoife, the woman, finds her curiosity awakened when she comes across a tragic story in an old newspaper article she finds in the house. A young local schoolteacher, killed some years previously, when she fell from a cliff. If she fell.

Aoife becomes increasingly obsessed with the newspaper story as more dubious and shocking facts slowly come to light. But danger awaits her as she undertakes her investigation into the death, unbeknown to her husband, Pat, and threats to their loving marriage are increasingly looming.

This is Anna Heussaff’s first novel. She is from Dublin and has wide experience as a writer, researcher, and producer/director of radio and TV programmes.

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Anna Heussaff's Bás Tobann and Siobhán Ní Shúilleabháin's Aistriú are novels in different genres that illustrate the range of good fiction being published in Irish currently. Heussaff has written a traditional "who-done-it?" - traditional by the standards of English-language fiction, though not by Irish- language. It's a genre which has millions of fans throughout the world, though one which still engenders a certain amount of disdain in some highbrow reviewers. Be that as it may, Bás Tobann offers something new and enjoyable. While better known for her work as a television and radio producer, Heussaff has found her range as a writer in this, her first novel. Bás Tobann is a comfortable read; people, places and events unfold in a style which is unfussy but well-crafted. Heussaff's lines will not send you diving to the dictionary but remind you how an able writer can make everyday life lucid with everyday language. The characterisation of the city family - mother Aoife, father Pat, and their two children, Sal and Rónán - who move to the country is convincing. The challenge they face in settling down is well-told without being laboured and the stresses that Aoife and Pat experience within their marriage as they try to adjust, adds to the realism. The detective element of their story begins in the mundane but is skilfully teased out. An old news clipping about the death of a young woman and local teacher catches Aoife's attention. The circumstances of the death arouse her curiosity and we are soon on a well-worn trail which a thousand amateur sleuths have walked before, but Heussaff provides enough genuine suspense to keep the pages turning.
Pól Ó Muirí, Irish Times 12/05/2005

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