Lorcán S. Ó Treasaigh

Céard é English?

Pioneering autobiographical fiction about growing up in an Irish-speaking family in Dublin


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Pioneering, autobiographical fiction in poetic prose by Lorcán Ó Treasaigh describing his youth in an Irish-speaking family in Dublin.

The story of a young man growing up speaking Irish in a modern city environment, the tension between these two lives, and the humour moulded from it.

Intriguingly presented as "autobiographical fiction", Lorcán S. Ó Treasaigh's Céard é English? Is a beautifully-written work which tells a child's story of being raised through the medium of Irish in English-speaking Dublin. As I know nothing of Ó Treasaigh's domestic history, I simply sat down and enjoyed what amounts to a fully-functional novel, by turns poignant, illuminating and gratifying. Ó Treasaigh captures with beguiling ease the inner voice of the young child and manages to suppress the too-knowing nod of the adult. Similarly, his deft movement between the private narrative of family life in Irish to the confusing, almost accusatory, public life of English provides a rich seam which he mines expertly. This is a virtuoso performance.
Pól Ó Muirí, The Irish Times, 31/08/2002

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