Ciarán Mac Murchaidh

Lón anama

Poems, lyrics and songs from the Irish spiritual tradition with English translations.


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A bilingual collection of spiritual material from Irish literary sources. This selection of poems, lyrics and traditional songs illustrates the spiritual tradition of the Irish language. Themes such as penance, life, faith, spiritual doubts, this world and folklore feature in this anthology. Poems included in the selection are from the Early Irish period up until the present day. Ciarán Mac Murchaidh lectures in the Department of Irish at St Patrick’s College, DCU. His research interests are in the teaching of Irish grammar and 18th century religious literature.

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Micheál Ó Diarmada, The Furrow, March 2006

Most Irish people remember the word lón from their school days. It means lunch and Lón Anama, food for the soul, indicates that this book contains poems and verses of a spiritual nature written in Irish, along with translations in English. A line from the seventeenth-century poem, 'is maith an lón creideamh Dé', epitomizes the overall theme throughout the book: that faith in God sustains us. Ciaran mac Murchaidh, the compiler of this collection of poems, is attached to the Department of Irish at St. Patrick's College, DCU. The book itself is aimed at the general reader. The poems have been previously published in scholarly publications. The reader here is not encumbered with textual or linguistic notes. The English translations allow the non-Irish reader to savour the wealth of traditional Gaelic faith. The attractive cover depicts the Eucharist and the prints by Julius Schnoor von Carolsfeld throughout the book connect the poems with scenes from scripture. This is not a book to be rushed through, but to be dipped into at one's leisure.

Mary Hanafin TD, Sunday Tribune, 25.12.2005

A collection of religious poems in Irish, with translations in English, to keep me in touch with my language and tradition.

Joe Humphreys, 'The Questing Mind', The Irish Times, 24.12.2005

A long tradition of questioning Irish poets is shown by this elegantly-presented collection of verse in Irish (with English translations). The medieval poems are somewhat repetitive, but elsewhere gems can be found, among them Pádraig Denn's half-comic Aighneas an Pheacaigh leis an mBás

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