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Téarmaíocht Ghaeilge na hAthbheochana

Scéal na téarmaíochta Gaeilge le linn na hAthbheochana go dtí 1927. Irish-language terminology during the Revival until 1927.

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This work gives an account of Irish-language terminology during the Revival until 1927 when the Department of Education of the Irish Free State established the terminology committee. It looks at the condition of Irish-language terminology during that period and examines the discussion that took place of how terminology work would be supervised in relation to committees or terminology academies and so forth.

The techniques for the formulation of terms, from borrowing to neologizing, and the role of the spoken language and the language of old literature in the modernisation of the Irish vocabulary are examined. The role and status of Irish as a national language and its influence on the views of the Irish-language community regarding the language and terminology itself are also looked at.

A wide range of the original articles and sources are included in the work – which greatly contributes to the modern understanding of the Revival.

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